Podcast #176 Parasites Found In Stool Test! The Functional Medicine Approach

Today we discuss My Stool Test Results. We found not one, but two parasites, cryptosporidium and giardia. I also ran an organic acids test as well that shows that I have some candida issues going on with the infections. Today Dr. Justin and I talk about why we rely on functional medicine testing as opposed to the conventional stool tests that mainstream medical doctors run to look at stool. Most of the time these conventional tests will show up negative for parasites.

If you run a functional stool test on yourself, we may discover a parasite or other type of pathogen that is causing the various symptoms in your intestinal tract. The real thing that is odd here is that my symptoms of infection were minimal. I lost weight, I have vertical ridges on my fingernails and had some fatigue, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Cold hands and feet were another symptom that I've had for as long as I can remember. Now to treat these infections, we are using an herbal protocol that will act as a natural anti-parasitic and anti-microbial.

The conventional M.D.s will use antibiotics that can treat these infections, but there can be a lot of side effects that come along with these. I have seen patients that have gone though a round of antibiotics that still have infections. So we absolutely want to follow up with the herbs after antibiotics with patients if they do use these, because there can be lasting side effects we want to resolve.

After using garlic, oregano oil along with wormwood and black walnut, among other families of herbs, we will be adding in binding support and liver support to make sure that the die off reactions are covered. I will be using activated charcoal and will be monitoring my liver enzymes throughout this protocol to keep an eye on any potential effects.

The only way that you know you're clear of these infections is to run a test. I advise you to get tested sooner than later. It's important to run tests on your body systems each year to be proactive about your health. It can save you from chronic illness later down the road.

Learn more about black walnut with Jim's great article at his site superfoodprofiles.com