Podcast #21 Mike Elgan on Wild Foods, Healthy Habits and Food Quality

Mike Elgan

Today's Guest

Mike Elgan writes about technology and innovation for a living. His work appears all over the place, most frequently Computerworld, Datamation, Cult of Mac, Houzz, PC World, InfoWorld, MacWorld, CIO Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and The CMO Site.

Mike is in the process of writing a book with his wife on what they call the Spartan Diet. It is based on the premise of eating quality, whole foods, just like Paleo! 8-) It's possible to have a Spartan-Paleo Diet because there is so much overlap in the two names for this style of eating.

The main concepts on Mike's Spartan diet philosophies are almost perfectly aligned with Paleo in things like high-food quality, elimination of industrial food products, and a careful consumption of bread and ancient grains (if any).

The Show

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Today we discuss

  • The mainstream industry and its attempts to trick us with deceptive marketing on labels
  • What it takes to achieve optimal health
  • Why mainstream society including the military contradicts itself with health
  • Food quality, storage methods and importance of cooking properly
  • Hacking your brain and body with fasting
  • Who should fast?
  • How you can become self-sufficient and make yourself happy and full of your own food!

Join us on this episode, you'll enjoy as much as we did.  

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