6 Tips for Eating Paleo Outside of Your Home

When leaving the house, your comfort zone of Paleo and non-Paleo foods are tested. It can be very hard in most cities to find anything that seems even close to Paleo. Luckily, Paleo isn't that hard in the sense that you can order plates of meat and vegetables at most steakhouses and sit-down restaurants.

Here's a few simple steps to keep in mind when you need to eat Paleo outside of your home

  • Stick to the meat

    People usually at have a minimally processed meat available

  • Enjoy some veggies

    People also usually have some sort of vegetable tray or plate where you can get some sort of broccoli, carrots or other green

  • Finish off your meals with nuts 

    Luckily during the holiday season, people seem to find an interest in almonds, cashews, walnuts and other nuts. Use this to your advantage to fill yourself up on quality fats so you have ZERO cravings for the cookies and cakes at the end of the table.

  • Stick to water, tea and wine to drink

    I'm not here to be the Grinch! If you like to have a drink of wine, skip the guilt and enjoy a glass or 2. Stick to your water and green tea drinks to ensure you stay hydrated and calm during the rest of your holiday season.

  • Go for a walk  

    Tension can build up in the kitchens and houses of families during this time of the year. Go for a walk outside (yes, even if it's cold!) for a few minutes to get some fresh air. Take this time to reflect and energize yourself.

  • Show gratitude

    In the technology times, it's easy to get wrapped up in our phones and tablets while sitting next to our relatives on the couch. Instead, if your family is not on the other end of a webcam call, take this time away from your technology and share some real conversation time with your loved ones.

What has worked for you to eat paleo, keep your health and sanity when eating outside of the home?

Have a happy and healthy new year!