Podcast #66 Dr. Jack Kruse on Why EMF Dehydrates You and the True Importance of Water & Reducing Electricity

Dr. Jack Kruse joins us to discuss dehydration, water, EMF and the extreme importance of reducing your electricity exposure.Today's Guest

Dr. Jack Kruse of JackKruse.com joins us on the show! Dr. Kruse has made several previous visits to the podcast here and here. This is a special episode as we are ready to launch into the 2014 Optimal Reset.

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The show

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Today we discuss

  • My recommended Nutritional vitamin supplement
  • Optimal Reset 2014
  • EMF and it's relationship to dehydration
  • Adrenal stress and why your adrenals don't matter in the equation
  • The brain's relationship to stress and how to fix it
  • How crucial is clean water to the human body?
  • Does food play a major role in health or is water and reducing EMF more important?

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