#257 Kevin Johnson on Brain Waves and Float Tanks


Kevin Johnson is the Owner/CEO at Zero Gravity Institute. 


Zero Gravity Institute is a floatation and relaxation center in Austin, Tx. We use "sensory deprivation" or "floatation tanks" to offer the public the many benefits of R.E.S.T. therapy. We also offer massage therapy and "hemi-sync" all in an upscale spa environment.

Zero Gravity Institute is also the distributor of Zero Gravity Float Rooms. Zero Gravity Float Rooms are large, luxury scale, light-proof, sound-insulated enclosures 8' x 6' x 7' which contains a shallow 12 inch pool of 25% saturated Epsom Salts solution - five times denser than sea water. Lying back, you float effortlessly on the surface with all parts of your body perfectly supported. Your body is no longer effected by the constant downward pull of gravity, the single greatest cause of wear and tear to bones, joints and body tissue. As muscle tension melts away, you find yourself floating weightless and free, like an astronaut in zero gravity.

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