Podcast #30 Dr. Richard Hansler on Light's Influence on Cancer, Sleep, Obesity and Depression

Dr. Hansler

Today's guest

Richard Hansler spent 42 years as a scientist at the world-renowned GE Nela Park Laboratory where he developed lighting technology.

He is also a professor of physics at John Carroll University. He currently holds 86 patents and is going to continue to research ways to protect us from the harmful effects of blue light, especially at night time.

For more information on his work and technology development you can go to the Low Blue Light website.

The Show

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On this episode we discuss:

  • Light and the newly discovered sensors in the eye
  • Lights relationship with melatonin and estrogen
  • How exposure to light at night can lead to depression, poor sleep, cancer and obesity
  • What steps you can take to use modern technology and still protect yourself

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