Podcast #79 Dr. Rodney Ford on Food Allergy-Eczema Connection and Probiotics From Birth and What Kids Teach Us


Dr. Rodney Ford discusses Gluten's Effects on the Brain and how to heal from it. Not Just Paleo PodcastToday's Guest

Dr. Rodney Ford is an associate professor, medical doctor and pediatrician. He has a private practice and online eClinic available at DrRodneyFord.com Dr. Ford is a pediatric expert who focuses on child health, food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten-sensitivity, celiac disease and gastroenterology problems. 

He has a private practice and online eClinic available at DrRodneyFord.com

Dr. Ford also spoke at the online conference called The Gluten Summit.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • As foods become more mass produced and refined, they become damaging
  • Why are people eating poorly?
  • Why are people dying earlier than their parents?
  • The food allergy and eczema connection
  • How C-sections impair healthy gut function in babies
  • Why you should suck your babies pacifier as opposed to washing it
  • Taking probiotics from birth
  • Egg allergies are found in 80% of babies
  • Why raw food is good, but cooked food is important too!
  • Recommended Greens powder

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