5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Motivation Levels High

  The power is literally in your hands :)

The power is in your hands. Easy to forget.

We may be waiting for someone or something to save us from all of our troubles. Your fitness goals may seem so far away that you lose confidence in achieving them. You step on the scale or look in the mirror and start to get down on yourself.. DON"T!

We are self-destructive creatures and this is a problem. How many of your problems, anxieties and stressors are caused from your own subconscious? I battled my subconscious a long time, it's not a fun battle.

The main thing to remember is that you are responsible for your actions, and more importantly, your thoughts.

When negative thoughts arise, what happens? Does your heart rate speed up a little bit? Do you feel adrenaline start to rush through your veins? Do you shake and start to bite your nails?

The first step to stopping all this self-destruction is to take 4 deep breaths.

This is one of my core foundational treatments for any client. Inhale through your nose counting to 3, hold for 1 second, then slightly forcefully exhale out of your mouth counting to 5. How do you feel?

You will feel better immediately if you make conscious breathing a habit.

The next step to conquer the lazy-bug is to sculpt your environment. It's important to setup your environment in a way that's conducive to these habits.

Want an example of what's helped many people?

Stick your "workout gear" in the most traveled pathway in your living space. Don't just let it collect dust, leave those workout gloves in the same spot every time you get done using them. Leave your headband and extra headphones right next to them.

You're more likely to skip a workout if it takes a lot of willpower to gather your clothes and belongings for the exercise. Keep it in sight, in reach and minimal.

Have a small batch of apples next to your workout gear so when you return from a workout or leave for one, you can have the energy-boosting effects of an apple, give yourself that extra glucose to get through the workout, or restore your glycogen stores.

You remember that nagging voice in your head that is saying "c'mon "insert name", just stay home, you're tired, you can workout tomorrow"? Tell that voice to go away. No, literally, tell that voice that you will not listen to it. 

When you shut off that inner voice attempting to bring you down, a power shift happens.

You've ignited some serious fire beneath your feet just now. Oh wait, telling the nagging voice to go away didn't work? Here's a few actionable tips to when you just can't shake that "lazy bug".

1. Make sure you're reading this article standing up. A study on excessive sitting (silly right?) can lead to poorer BMI, blood pressure, non-fasting glucose levels and more.

2. Do 10 Air Squats. I can't think of a better exercise to really get the blood flowing. Higher-intensity athletes can do full-body exercise such as burpees. But, to accommodate and eliminate room for excuses including people with mobility problems, start with these. 

Note: If you have an extreme case of immobility, I want you to lay on the ground, bring your feet as close to your butt as you can (flat foot) and do 10 pelvic thrusts.

After Pelvic thrusts, use your elbows and feet as your tripod and hold your butt as close to the ground as possible without touching. HOLD IT! Hold till uncomfortable and repeat 3x/week until your endurance grows.

3. Reduce screen time. This was part physical hacks and lastly a mental one. It's easy to lose track of time on facebook, twitter, email and every other social network out there begging for your attention and time. Reduce your tech-time and just get away from it. Sounds easier than it is for some people. Lock your phone in the glovebox in your car during your workout.

Oh wait, this is tech-time isn't it? Go audio then.

4. Earn your screen and sitting time. I just feel guilty sitting or "spacing out" too long. I get tired, lethargic and sometimes even sad. Inaction leads to more sadness even though we are sad because we don't feel like acting!

5. Keep improving. How much progress have you made since yesterday in the gym? Probably not too much, the physical gains are very minimal compared to the mental gains you can achieve. Sneak an extra 2.5 pound plate on the end of your barbell or maybe even a 5 pounder! You get results by slowly and consistently upping either your reps or your weight, try both.

This post stemmed from a conversation on the facebook page. This is where you need to be. I don't have a personal Facebook, but find that it's very helpful for keeping up with all of you beautiful people. 

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How have you broken through those times when you just felt like giving up? It doesn't have to be related to fitness. Post in the comments below.

Life can make us feel that way sometimes, you can get through it and come out a better person. Cliche, but really, you do become stronger after those down times.. Unless you had an injury, then I might be stretching the truth a bit.

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