Podcast #116 Chris Beat Cancer Naturally


#116 Chris Wark on Beating Cancer Naturally With a Plant-Based DietToday's Guest

Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 26 in 2003. He had surgery but refused chemo. Instead he used nutrition and natural therapies to heal himself.

Chris is a guy who has used many different dietary approaches over the last 10 years with his health in mind. From a Paleo diet to a plant-based, vegan and vegetarian diet, he has tried many ways to find a diet right for him.

Using other natural therapies, getting rid of the toxic load and negative thoughts, Chris beat cancer after doctors told him he wouldn't be alive today. Chris beat cancer with other methods too like using high quality water filtration systems, rebounding and using smart supplementation. Learn more about Chris, his story and recovery at Chrisbeatcancer.com

The show

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Today we discuss

  • What causes cancer in the developed world?
  • What are some of the worst lifestyle habits?
  • What can you do to protect yourself against cancer?
  • Does a low-fat diet cure cancer?
  • What about Paleo? Isn't there value there..?
  • What should people takeaway from your story?

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