Calories Don't Matter, Quality Does

Calories, calories and calories, the ultimate root of all evil and the cause of all your weight gain right? This couldn't be further from the truth!

Biohacker Dave Asprey wrote a huge study showing the correlation from calories and weight gain. What he finds is completely the opposite of the mainstream theory. He also discusses the importance of salt and makes a great point that salt is basically a mineral that the pharmaceutical industry has taught people to be afraid of. He says he consumes a small spoon of Himalayan rock salt each morning to save his adrenals from having to boost him up.

Long story short, Dave explains the fact that calories are not the problem, way better than I should try to explain.

 "It's NOT the Calories Stupid" Article

My results from consuming sometimes 3000-4000 calories a day from extremely rich wholesome and organic food sources (this is a lot of food), especially when trying to build muscle is that I feel fine and don't gain much fat beyond the natural amount that occurs when "bulking".

Hope that article points you in the right direction and you can learn more and spread the knowledge to others.