Podcast #24 Beverly Meyer on Is Your Brain Broken? GABA, Seratonin, Dopamine, How Gluten Affects the Brain and How to Kill Your Stress

Beverly Meyer

Today's Guest

Beverly Meyer is a Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist who spoke at this years Paleo FX event in Austin, Texas. She focuses on treating many clients through the use of diet, testing, herbs and other methods.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • The 4 main neurotransmitters including dopamine and the "forgotten neurotransmitter GABA"
  • How gluten exposure affects your neurotransmitters (brain function, happiness, brain fog, ability to concentrate, feel calmness)
  • Why you may be suffering from a neurotransmitter deficiency
  • How to take control of your life and mind
  • How to safely and properly remove mercury fillings from your mouth

If you haven't been tested for gluten exposure, you may look into Cyrex Labs in the link below. If you haven't read the books below, I highly recommend them for education and motivation to support your attempt at removing gluten from your life.

Resources mentioned

Beverly's site On Diet and Health

Cyrex Labs Testing for gluten

Wheat Belly Book on Amazon

The Edge Effect Book on Amazon

Adrenal Testing Info

Dentist to safely removing mercury from your mouth

John Hopkins University Study on improving personality, depression and well-being through use of psychedelics

Neurofeedback service locator to help improve brain habits, improve health inautistic people, ADD, serious athletes and more

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