Why You Should Be Nice to Others



There is no better time to become a better person than now.

We are always growing and learning. We may be on the path to awakening to the unhealthy mainstream mindsets and lifestyles, but we can continue to help each other attain higher levels of consciousness.

That's what this all about. Take a minute and reflect on your emotions towards others today.

Did you take the time to smile and say thank you to the person at the gas station or the person who served you lunch? Were you mean or hateful to someone today? Did you flip somebody off on the highway, blare your horn excessively, yell at a coworker or family member?

I’m not saying that these things are always bad, but that's pretty rude! Lets focus on making a positive change. Why? Because misery loves company and we have too many miserable people already, don't join them!

To achieve success in the long run in health or everyday life, follow the golden rule. This is not any new information to you, but simply a friendly reminder to follow it. It's better for you and your heart.

We divide ourselves from each other and make face to face conversation with strangers a rarity. Why? Technology is great, but has no heart (yet).

I've grown up living with my grandparents and have realized a lot from them. One thing I notice is, generally, older people 60yrs+ are usually so willing to talk to you that it will blow your mind. I have had some of the best conversations about life and wisdom gained from talking to senior citizens.

In our society we have a negative connotation to senior citizens, but they set a great model. They lived in a time in America which some of us remember, and some of us can only hear stories about. It was a time of prosperity and generosity. There are great things being done today as well, with a lot of help from sites like www.Kiva.org where you can give money to others around the world. A small amount could make a huge impact in other parts of the world.

I just want you to understand that being nice to others creates a chain of positive energy. I can feel it when I make someone smile or laugh. I can feel it when I teach a young kid about power tools or how to ride a longboard. It benefits both of us to laugh and smile together.

This works just the same for being a negative or mean person. It can’t possibly make you feel good inside to put others down or hurt others. Some sick people do get enjoyment by trying to make others miserable, you know that one person, don't become them.

Negative mindsets, attitudes, words and gestures towards others will not ultimately benefit you.

Make a change today, go stare at yourself in the mirror for five minutes. Look into your eyes and see what thoughts and emotions you have pent up. Release the anger or misery that those eyes may hold, let it all go. This is an important step that we don’t do very often. Tell yourself that you will be nicer to your friends, spouse, family or coworkers. Don’t forget to be nice to strangers too, make new friends, be open to others and you will grow as a person. Getting out your shell and being happy and empathetic towards others will make both of you grow. It will help put your own life back into perspective and can give you energy to put back into your own life.

Find groups of people on Meetup.com (no this is not a dating site) that you would get along with. I talk about the importance of having a social group for fitness here.

Venture out into other groups too! This site can help you find people that like to ride bikes, hike, talk about coffee, read books together, protest together, camp together or any other fun thing! This site also has a business part to it, I have met with local entrepreneurs for some mental stimulation on occasion.

You are in control of your thoughts, don’t let outside anger and negativity affect your own life. You only get as much happiness from life as you put in it. Miserable people will not earn or receive happiness. You may think money will earn you toys or adventures for happiness, up to a certain extent.

You never know when your clock will run out, you want to make sure that you wouldn’t regret your attitude towards people around you. What if you had to reflect on the way you treated people, would it make you change how you act now? Thinking about the future can help you change the present and past for your benefit.

Today, give an extra hug to your spouse, hug your kids, hug yourself, feel the power and connection of your family, have a group hug, love everyone, love yourself. You are a great person. You can be as great as you want to be. I won’t say “you can accomplish anything!”, because some are unrealistic.

I will say that you can accomplish happiness with your current lifestyle, as long as your diet is in check. It depends onhow you play your cards with the deck that you were given. A lot of us are coming from nothing and trying to achieve something great in life, while others were born and given with a better starting point.

Regardless of what you have obtained or achieved in life, you can alter your reality and improve it with small steps at a time, as long as you are being positive and grateful for what you have. Smile and keep going.

What has being nice to others done for you?