5 Things You'll Learn at Paleo Conferences

After spending the week in Austin Texas, I've learned things about myself, my friends, and most importantly, the Paleo community. Let's go through some of the things you'll learn when YOU come to the next health conference!

PaleoFX Healthy people can be much nicer than your average joe

High expectations were set before coming to PaleoFX. I can confidently say, my high expectations were completely blown out of the water, it was greater than anyone can imagine. Upon entering, you see fit, happy and smiling faces everywhere. Everyone is passionate, everyone is ready to make a change. Everyone understands the importance of taking action.

The Paleo Diet Works

As someone coming from a seemingly healthy base, there are others that came frmo the complete opposite spectrum. The beauty of the Paleo diet is that we all can achieve optimal health from it.

Whether you are an avid crossfitter, super-athlete, or just the gardener, walker and low-intensity exercise fan, we saw them all at Paleo Fx. As Paul Jaminet said during one of the Q&A sessions, "for all of your specific health concerns, follow the Paleo diet! It works." This proves what you've already learned on the podcast with Jonathan Bailor, health is simple, it has to be. 

One cannot achieve optimal health without quality sleep

Those of you that sleep for 6 hours a night and "are fine" need to listen up. Sleep is essential for recovery, hormone regulation and a balance of the entire body. Without 8 hours of quality sleep, you may experience anxiety and other health issues in the long-term. In short, quit trying to over-schedule yourself and fuel those busy days with excessive coffee intake. 

Positivity is contagious

You could feel the vibe throughout Paleo FX during the weekend. We were all so excited to get out of the digital world, get away from this screen for a while and physically greet each other. Along with physical education, cooking classes, FREE samples of delicious food bars (which I bought an entire case of) and plenty of beautiful people to meet and greet, happiness was in surplus this weekend. I am left with a permagrin on my face, which has ignited my motivation to further the spread of knowledge to all of you.

Healthy habits empower you to achieve anything

The amount of successful people that were at this conference was incredible. I'll give you just a short list of some of the incredible people I met. Steve Wright and Jordan Reasoner , Jimmy Moore , Sean Croxton, Juli Bauer, Todd Dosenberry, Jason Seib, Sarah Ferguso, Roger Dickerman, Abel James, Paul Jaminet, Dr. Lauren Noel, Keith and Michelle Norris and many more.

The Paleo diet and associated lifestyle habits such as minimalism talked about on this site are a way of life that has enabled people like you and I the ability to pursue our dreams, lift weights, climb mountains and tell others how they can do the same. With a pretty strict regimen of whole, fresh foods and consistent exercise and stress-relief techniques, you can achieve everything on that massive to-do list.

I wish you all the best in the months and years to come, we are in this movement for the long haul. Take 4 deep breaths after reading this and add or subtract a few things from your to-do list. Gather your workout gloves and post-workout meal.

Lastly, if you're reading this at 3am, go to bed silly.