5 Ways to Create a Strong Mind


After conquering anxiety and generalized fear when facing the world with my clients and myself, I have documented some key strategies for you to create a strong mind. 5 Ways to Create a Strong Mind

People send in questions through the site each week seeking the latest and greatest herb and supplement to get them through their tough time they’re facing. I’m afraid this is not the answer and this method of “handling issues” does not work, especially in the long term.

What proves to hold greater value and influence over ones emotions and hardships are the following.

Engage in bouts of intense activity

While we may be equipped with modern technology, exercise equipment, performance-enhancing compounds and other biological hacks, at a certain point, we just have to kick our own ass.

If we expect to have a greater immunity against spiritual and emotional attacks, we have to be physically strong and nourished as well. Without a physical body capable of acting in a fast manner, how should we expect our minds to do the same? A slow body equals a slow mind. A slow mind equals anxiety, fear and the inability to cope, adapt or adjust to the ever-changing landscape of daily life.

A simple routine of 5 sets of fast jogs or sprints as fast as you possibly can for 10 seconds each will do wonders as an antidepressant.

Preferably, you should perform your sprints barefoot on a stretch of safe grass, dirt or sand-- free from any thorns, nails, scrap metal etc.

Repeat this exercise once per week, twice if you are trying to burn extra fat and are in capable shape. To know if you are ready to perform this exercise more than that, you should be able to recover quickly.

Being sore for 3 or more days after an intense workout should not happen. You must eat more quality sources of meat; get plenty of sleep before the hours of midnight and supplement with a quality magnesium product if that is the case. In reality, following these tips are essential for you regardless of if that happens!

Ask yourself “what is the worst that can happen?”

Being consumed by negative news was a past time of mine during my early college years. I was in a perpetual state of worry and generalized anxiety about the future of the US and world economy.

Would the dollar collapse? Would world war 3 happen? Would oil run out and cause a societal panic?

These were all questions that seemed obvious to ask after seeing the negative headlines day in and day out. Was there anything good happening in the world? Turns out, yes, there were and still is a lot of good things going on in the world!

Simply disconnecting from that stuff proved to be a huge weight off of my physical, emotional and spiritual shoulders. I just let it go.

Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that can happen? After that, ask yourself how much control do you really have over these global issues? Is it worth trying to conquer them yourself? It’s okay if you aren’t superman or superwoman, neither am I.

Realize that we are all in this thing called life together, as scary as a thought that might be. All the people you’ve ever despised, loved and idolized, they’re all right here on Planet Earth.

Shift your perspective a little bit and see if your problems take on a new personality. You may find that you can now conquer them, or at least muster up the energy to attempt it now!

Call for help

It’s in the times that we think we can tackle life’s problems by ourselves that we get slapped in the face with reality. Some of the greatest inventors and mentors that have ever existed often had accomplices and partners to lean on. Find someone.

In the age of technology, we have the illusion of connectedness and like everyone is out there for us. The truth is that our “connectedness” is often hollow, shallow and distant. Nothing will ever top the physical bonding and energy transfer that comes from an in-person meet up. We evolved in close quarters with groups of people. The segregation of the family, tribe and species is a double-edged sword.

Now that we have peace and quiet in the comfort of our apartments and homes with our spouses and kids, we feel strangely isolated and unfulfilled. What’s going on? Isn’t our immediately family all that we need to have a strong mind and happy life? Not quite.

As life picks up speed after high school, we get caught in the whirlwind of achieving success, leaving behind our friends, families and other relationships. We don't realize for many years or decades that it's not very easy to tackle life on our own! We need others!

The moment you start achieving greater success, the moment you realize you've left everything else you once adored and cherished behind! Do you turn around and run back to the previous chapter? Probably not.

Instead, appreciate the beautiful evolution of your life over the last decade. Sit down with a notebook and a nostalgic album and make a list of the aspects of your past that you want to rekindle. Some of these may be unrealistic and impossible, but find ones that aren’t!

Write a list of nostalgic things

• Time spent playing in the creek • Playing drums and making music with friends and family • Running in the grass barefoot • Doing nothing except listening to music • Playing card and board games with my friends and family • Thinking about today, tomorrow and the next day only

Of course, depending on your state of mind and health, your answers will vary widely. The point is that you get something written down that made you happy at some point in your life. If you can’t figure out what helps you enjoy life now, maybe you can mock these previous habits and events to rekindle your happiness and fulfillment.

When you are at your lowest, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call your long lost friends and family members, they will be happy to hear from you. That friend that you’ve held a grudge on, get that issue off your chest and squash it. Life’s too short to hold negative emotions on your heart. The other person is wondering if you are still thinking about it, they are too.

Move forward

Life is going to keep moving forward.

While society may speed up exponentially, we don’t have to if we don’t want to. A lot of our perceptions about life are just that—perceptions. Over-scheduling ourselves and using three technological devices at the same time is a recipe for a disruption in what Doctor Emmett Brown would call the “space time continuum”. Hopefully you’ve seen the movie Back to the Future?

Life is meant to be the way it currently is.

Don't get discouraged by your situation, as you can't change everything.

Focus on what you can control and act upon those variables.

We are more powerful than we know. Test it out.

Let me know what you’ve felt, discovered and applied below in the comments!