5 Reasons Your Paleo Lifestyle Isn't Working


You've been into the alternative health and Paleo game for a while, or maybe you're new to Paleo. However, you feel that your lifestyle is not working for you.

Here's 5 potential reasons why Your Paleo Lifestyle isn't working

1. You're not fully committed

If you're only committed when you feel like it, your results will be sub-par. Sticking to the diet as listed in my Ultimate Food Guide only during the work week may not be enough. Even the slightest exposure to gluten can trigger sensitivities and an inflammatory response.

2. You are chronically stressed

Stress can wreak havoc your mind and body. When we are in the flight-or-fight mode, our blood sugar rises. When this happens, B-Vitamins are burned up like a piece of paper in a fire.

When a B-Vitamin deficiency occurs, common sense and a study shows that your mood and sanity are compromised. Nervousness, depression, anxiety, hair loss and even aggression are common symptoms.

3. You are still healing your gut

Speaking of B-Vitamins, when your gut health is compromised from the consumption of gluten, grains and legumes, your absorption of B-Vitamins is reduced greatly.

Along with the extremely popular condition known as leaky gut, which is the process that allows toxins and foods from the stomach to "leak" into the bloodstream, B12 deficiency is one of many results!

B12 is one of the major vitamins that is not properly absorbed when our gut flora is not healthy. The flora that digest B12 are also killed when exposed to gluten.

Since optimal gut health and function is an ongoing process many people whether you're new to the ancestral eating plan or not, bypassing the digestive system is the best method to vastly improve bioavailability and absorption.

This is done by using a sublingual liquid form where the absorption process will begin in the mouth.

One of the highest quality sublingual vitamin B12 is available here on Amazon.

To use in combination with B12, the amino acid L-Glutamine will begin to rebuild the gut lining to reduce the amount of toxins and foods into your blood stream.

With the addition of L-Glutamine, eventually your gut flora may be healthy enough to tolerate and properly absorb capsule vitamins!

4. You're exercising too much (or not enough)

There is a sweet spot, for lack of a better word, when it comes to exercise quality and quantity.

Three factors that determine the "what type" and "how much" for your exercise routine are:

  • The level of physical activity in your job (desk jockeys usually don't overtrain)
  • The amount of carbohydrates you consume daily (the more intense exercise, the more carbohydrate needed)
  • The level of stress you are under (the more stress, the less high-intensity exercise you should perform)

For the average person, regardless of stress level, walking, hiking or biking for 10 minutes a day is essential for proper stress management, weight loss and metabolism support.

Sports is an easy way to run!

5. You're reading more than acting

Technology is a double-edged sword.

Simply reading about health and the actions we need to take can make us feel better.

Just the thought of changing your diet or eliminating a bad habit feels great doesn't it?

The problem is, we forget to actually act on these thoughts and end up repeating this cycle. Make sure that your words, social media status' and other places you speak out about your lifestyle actually become reality.

I can write to you and even do 1-on-1 coaching with you, but I cannot force-feed quality grass-fed beef and a small handful of berries down your throat.

In the end, your food choices and the items that you pick up (or don't pick up) are up to you.

If you don't purchase your food and are dependent on someone else to purchase food for you, that's okay too! Just lead them to my free Ultimate Food Guide and get them to understand what and why to eat.

This article was inspired from my friend Nora Gedgaudas book Primal Body Primal Mind- Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life.

What has prevented you from success?

What have you discovered?

Comment below!