5 Lessons Learned from a Paleo Camping Adventure


Here are 5 lessons learned from a Paleo camping adventure

This was written the first night after disconnecting for an entire week.

I camped with my fiancé at Myrtle Beach State Park. We brought a tent, tarp, cooler, all Paleo food, ice, grill/skillet with propane to cook, 2 pots, swimwear and plenty of happy thoughts.

Paleo Camping

As we started the trip, we turned off our phones and kept them off. Everything we needed was with us.

It seems we are always searching for "the answer" or the information to end all of our thoughts and worries. In fact, all you need is a disconnect.

Disconnecting and work doesn't mix since most of us depend on it for our jobs. This is something better for a 3 day day weekend or time when you can schedule less obligations. The benefits are astounding.

Let's talk about 5 lessons to learn on a Paleo Camping Trip.

1. Without a constant feeling of connectedness and "reachability", you are able to lower your guard.

With the pulling action of social media and email eliminated, you will feel less tied town to your online life. This is a good thing.

2. When you are away from technology, especially artificial lighting, you will have deeper, higher quality sleep.

Dr. Hansler and I have discussed the relationship between blue light, poor sleep, depression and cancer (click here to listen to that podcast).

Paleo Campfire

Note: Most all lights in the 21st Century contain blue light, especially computer screens, cell phones, TV's and light bulbs.

F.lux is a great start for the computer, but is not an end all. The best way to reduce your exposure without changing your lifestyle is to wear $7 special glasses that allow proper melatonin release. 

Try this experiment in your own home! When the sun goes down, reduce the intensity and number of lights around you.

3. Paleo is the easiest way to cook, eat and thrive.

This was a reoccurring theme for us throughout the week. The mornings started off with kerrygold butter on the griddle, followed by some local bacon and organic eggs.


We easily found local produce in South Carolina.

Once you develop a habit seeking out real food, local produce signs will scream at you like a fire truck.

When it came to lunch time, we were barely hungry. This was a friendly reminder that fueling your body on quality fats allows you to play longer and harder without having to snack all day.

Lunch was either the famous applegate organic hot dogs, chicken coated in Paleo Powder (seasoned salt blend without MSG) and butter, or ground beef with peppers and fruit.


The beautiful thing is that Paleo is incredibly easy to eat and cook. You don't have to be a good cook to enjoy this lifestyle. Cooking skill definitely helps to prevent your meat from becoming too dry and chewy, but you'll pick up on it quick.

Paleo Camping Trip

Looking for something to curb your appetite until your next full meal? I snacked a few times during the trip with local strawberries, almonds and a couple TBSP of grass-fed butter. You want to consume a source of fat with your snacks whenever possible.

Leptin is the hormone we discussed that allows you to feel full and is produced when fat is consumed.

 4. Walking is one of the most effective ways to start your day and build a healthy physique. 

A memorable morning started with walking and sprints on the beach. I went barefoot and recommend barefoot shoes or some form of minimal shoes to teach your body the proper way to move.

Paleo and Barefoot

5. The ability to live a Paleo and Primal lifestyle can be attained anywhere.

From the sprints on the beach to the cooking and preparation of Paleo meals in less than 15 minutes, it can be easy for anyone.

Wait a second, of course it's easy to cook great meals in the woods! After all, that's all we've ever done in the past. 


Let's go over a couple travel tips.

1. Instead of scheduling one vacation per year, break it up into many small vacations.

Waiting for 11 months of the year to have an exciting couple of weeks just sounds sad. While I may not be able to grant you more free time, when you break up your major vacations into shorter ones, you will feel much more satisfied.

2. Travel light.

Are you notorious for overpacking your suitcase and bringing everything including the kitchen sink? Clothing necessary for a week long trip can fit into a backpack depending on the weather. Traveling light eliminates the process of carrying your clutter and gadgets around as well as the time consuming process of choosing from your five pairs of shoes.

3. Travel often.

Travel doesn't always have to be an expensive or international adventure. I spent $100 to stay for a week in the middle of the beautiful South Carolina forest. Traveling a couple hours out of your normal location will be a mind and eye opening experience. It may reveal new possibilities that seemed unattainable before.

Paleo Camping Trip

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