#33 Jim Laird Strength & Conditioning Coach on Women's Pitfalls, How to Take Care of Yourself and Why Less is More with Fitness

Jim Laird

Today's Guest

Jim Laird is the owner of J&M Strength and Conditioning.  P.S. Jim follows the Paleo diet and gives it to his clients!

The Show

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About J&M Strength and Conditioning:

Jim Laird and his partner Molly Galbraith are the Strength Coaches and Wellness Instructors at J&M Strength and Conditioning.
Together they have over 20 years of experience coaching everyone from Professional Athletes, to Pageant Contestants, to Soccer Moms. They were both competitive athletes. Jim wrestled, played football and was an elite-level Powerlifter.
Their approach strives to optimize overall health by addressing nutrition, training, recovery, supplementation, sleep quality, stress levels and hormone levels. They have learned a lot through their own journeys to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and they want to pass this knowledge on to their clients.
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