#280 Ryan Sternagel on Kid Cures Cancer


Ryan Sternagel's son was diagnosed with cancer at 1 year old.

As a father myself, I couldn't imagine the crushing and overwhelming emotions he and his wife must have gone through...

He worked tirelessly researching natural alternatives to the toxic conventional cancer treatments and long story short, they were able to shrink the tumors in their son.

They had to completely overhaul their home, removing all of the various toxins they previously were unaware of...

Things like:

-Dirty electricity

-LED lighting



-Tap water

and more...

He is now co-hosting an online event called Toxic Home Transformation Summit with Robyn Openshaw and I am a featured speaker for this event.

My talk is all about these "home toxins" and what you can do to mitigate them.

Most humans are inside 95% of the time, so of course, the toxins coming from your walls, paints, furniture, etc could be making you sick.

Here is the link to register for the Summit (If 1,000 more of my tribe sign up for this free event, I will do an entire solo podcast episode on home toxins and what I've personally done)

Get smart about your home: >> http://evanbrand.com/home