#248 Megan Gump, NTP on Finding The Right Practitioner and Hurricane Updates


Megan Gump, NTP is my Nutritional Therapist on staff as well as my New Client Coordinator. When you schedule a 15-minute free introductory call, you will get to speak with her!

Today I go on a rant about finding the right practitioner, and my frustrations this morning with the Nurse Practitioner that we met with for our regular checkups for our daughter. Our usual functional pediatrician was late or not available at the time so we had to deal with this other woman.

So, you'll hear that rant plus also some actionable advice on how to find a practitioner that actually listens to you, and I give you a confidence boost in why you may need to FIRE your practitioner if they aren't treating you properly.

You'll enjoy this 1-on-1 time together today.