#223 Cassandra Curtis from Once Upon a Farm

As a mother of two, Cassandra has always cared about nutrition for her daughters. When she had her first daughter, Divinaka, she attempted to make all of her food, while also running a business.

She found that being a mom, a chef, and an entrepreneur took precious time away from her family, so she wanted to go to the store and buy a high quality food, akin to what she was making at home.

At the time, all that existed was shelf stable baby food, which she knew fell into the “canned food” category. That’s when she put her knowledge of nutrition, childhood development and High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) together to give you Once Upon a Farm, the freshest baby food yet on the market.

Learn more at UponaFarm.com

Today We Discuss

  • What are the conventional baby food storage processes?
  • Why is HPP and cold pressurization better?
  • Why refrigerated foods are higher quality than shelf stable
  • How many pounds of blueberries does she use for a batch?
  • and much more...