#218 Dr. Aviva Romm, MD on Adrenals, Adaptogens and Thyroid Connection


Dr. Aviva Romm, MD is the mother of four grown children, a Yale-trained physician specializing in integrative medicine for women and children, a midwife, an herbalist, an award-winning author, and the creator/owner of WomanWise, on-line courses dedicated to vitality and optimal health for women and children. An internationally respected expert in botanical and integrative medicine for women and children, she has spent nearly 30 years as a health care practitioner and advocate for the health and environmental concerns of women and kids.

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Today We Discuss

    • Aviva's personal use of adaptogens during writing a book
    • How specific adaptogens can be used for various symptoms
    • Why an "all in one" adaptogen blend might not be the best choice
    • The Herb Pharm formulas and how the development took place