#217 Daniel Vitalis on Rewilding and Cognitive Shifts as a Modern Hunter Gatherer


Daniel Vitalis is a leading health, nutrition, and personal development strategist. He is also the creator of Find a Spring where people can find fresh, clean and local springs in their city to derive their fresh water from. He has also aired in the documentary “Hungry for Change”. He also writes an online magazine on his website at DanielVitalis.com and has health products available from his company called Surthrival.

Today We Discuss

  • Daniels hunting and foraging adventures
  • How your cognitive health changes when you are immersed in nature
  • Has Daniel's personality changed, has there been a new side that he has found in himself after hunting?
  • What about death, does being exposed to death in the flesh reduce or change fears about it?
  • And other big life questions...