#125 Stephanie Gadreau (Stupid Easy Paleo) on Internet Business and Paleo For Muscle Building


Stephanie Gadreau (Stupid Easy Paleo) on Internet Business and Paleo For Muscle BuildingToday's Guest

Stephanie Gadreau is a blogger at Stupid Easy Paleo who creates recipes to help fuel performance athletes and crossfit competitors. She is a crossfit competitor herself and has written a new book called the Paleo Performance cookbook.

Stephanie says: Finding Paleo has changed my health, my performance as an athlete, and my life. I stopped getting wacky sugar cravings, adult acne, crazy bloating and fainting spells. My moods are better, my endometriosis is manageable, and I no longer want to kill all the things between meals.

Like you, though I love delicious Paleo food, I don’t have hours to cook. Luckily, the kitchen is where my love of tasty eats and my mad scientist background commingle. Add in my formal education in biology / human physiology, 12 years as a high school science teacher and my training as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, and you get my specialty: making things stupid-easy.

The show

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Today we discuss

  • What's changed since you began paleo blogging in 2011?
  • How do you eat for crossfit performance?
  • How do you time meals and what do you actually eat?
  • How do you prevent burnout as an online blogger?
  • My new venture teaching online business called Health Blogger Pro

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